Premium paint protection film installation in Port Melbourne.


5 - 7 DAYS


2 -3 DAYS

PPF is a clear and glossy film that is made from polyurethane. It's a popular item for car owners to choose to protect their paintwork from physical impacts. Due to the thickness of the PPF, the film can easily withstand stone chips and road debris from everyday driving. In fact, it is very popular amongst car enthusiasts who take their car to the race track where the debris is striking the car’s surface at a much higher speed. PPF Film is typically offered in a gloss variant and also in an opaque matte/satin finish. This allows car owners to not only match their factory finish but also modify the look of their car if they wish. WRAP LABS has invested heavily in the best equipment and training in order to achieve fantastic results. Our staff are highly qualified, precise and sticklers for detail. They custom cut the templates on site to fit your vehicle. This allows symmetrical, safe and also consistent results for your car.


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Frequently Asked Questions

PPF installation usual takes anywhere between 4-6 buisness days. This is mostly depending on the size of the vehicle.

Protect your OEM paint from UV damage, scratches, and blug splatter.

No maintenance is required, just wash the vehicle as per usual. We recommend not using any brushes or bristles to wash your car, or to take it through an automated car wash.

PPF is covered by warranty for 7 years. Workmanship warranty is 3 months.

High Pressure Snow Foam Rinse
Two bucket vehicle shampoo
Paint Decontamination: iron fallout removal / clay bar
Wheels Cleaned
Tyres Dressed
Interior Vacuum & Wipe down
Windows Cleaned